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Safety and You


Safety is the primary concern on any project. Always use tools and equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. For Miller products, refer to your Owner's Manual for complete safety precautions and procedures.

Although these projects are generally simple and safe, we urge you to read, understand, and apply all safety precautions and warnings to minimize the risk of injury. Common sense and good judgment should also be exercised and applied to help avoid potential hazards. Always refer to the appropriate manufacturer's technical information, directions, and recommendations; then proceed with care to follow specific equipment operating instructions.

Before starting any project, be sure you understand how to use your arc welding and cutting tools safely:

  1. Refer to our Safety Resources section for a wide variety of safety guidelines and resources.
  2. Read your Miller Owner's Manual carefully and heed all safety suggestions.

Miller provides the information in the "Welding Projects" section of this site for your information only. You are entirely responsible for your use of the information, your equipment and the items you build. You are responsible for any injury to yourself or others and for any property damage. The information represents the opinions of individual welders, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Miller. The projects have not been engineered by Miller. Miller expressly disclaims any claims related to any content. For further information, see our Terms of Use.