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Firewood Rack

by J. Costellow
  • Firewood Rack
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    I needed a firewood rack to hold a quarter cord of wood, which is 16 face square feet. With space always being a concern, I decided to make one in the shape of a hoop and I calculated the hoop needed to be about 5' in diameter in order to hold that amount of wood. I used my buddy's ring roller to roll two pieces of 20'x1/2” round bar to 5.5', which allows a little extra space in the hoops for the varying shapes of split wood. I cut up some 1” angle and made a 16”x30” base with 4” long legs and feet made of 2”x4”x1/4” plate to keep the rack from sinking into the ground. The hoops are welded together at the top and welded to the long sides of the base at the bottom with two spreaders welded between them for support at about equal thirds of the circumference of the hoops. The design of the base and the attachment of the hoops to the base keeps it from trying to sag or collapse under the weight of the wood. The rack is fully self-supporting due to the hoop design and it gets stronger with more wood stacked in it. The rack keeps the wood off the ground to prevent rotting, and keeps the wood dry for better burning. It minimizes the space required for storing a quarter cord of wood. Materials and tools: Materials:20'x1/2” round bar for the hoops, misc lengths of 1/2” round for the spreaders and the attachment bars to the base, 1”x1”x14ga angle for the base and the legs, 4 pieces of 2”x4” flat bar for the feet Tools: My Buddy's Floor Mounted Ring Roller Lincoln Power MIG 140C, Miller Elite Red Flames Welding Helmet, Dewalt Cordless Recip Saw, Dewalt 4 1/2” angle Grinder, misc clamps, welding magnets, hand tools

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