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True Sound of Change

by R. Crier
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  • True Sound of Change
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  • Project Description

    I'm a sculptor, and this is a sculpture that is installed in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I moved to Chattanooga from New Orleans after hurricane Katrina to begin a new life. I wanted to learn how to weld to introduce metal into my artwork. This was my first sculpture after learning to weld for over a year. It represent change in my life from New Orleans culture to Chattanooga culture. Aluminum with etching techniques.

    Build Process

    I cut all the pieces with a jigsaw. Each panel is hollow and made of two identical 1/8inch thick bended pieces with side spines welded to close off shapes. The horn is made from rectangle tubing, and the curled bands on the bottom are made from 1/4 inch aluminum sheet. Every thing is Mig welded using Millermatic 211, and the finished surface has etched design to accent the shapes.

    Tools Used

    The work is all aluminum using 1/8 and 1/4 inch sheet materials, and 1x3in rectangle tubing. I used a small piece of solid 1/2 stock on the back curl, and the base is made from a salvaged plate from a machine

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