Pratt & Miller Engineering

"In order to win at Le Mans against the world's best, we must have the best team, equipment and partners. Our partnership with Miller Welding enables Pratt & Miller to have superior welding equipment to ensure our race cars to be of the highest quality, durability and safety on the track."

Pratt & Miller provides its clients with exceptional design, fabrication and testing services. A combination of leading-edge engineering and championship-winning experience enables Pratt & Miller to plan and execute innovative, cost-effective, time-efficient, and results oriented projects for their clients.

Founded in 1989, New Hudson, Michigan-based Pratt & Miller Engineering has evolved from a small business designing and building race cars into an international engineering powerhouse. Today Pratt & Miller is recognized worldwide in both motorsports and high-level engineering.

For their fabrication needs, Pratt & Miller Engineering relies on Miller. Products used include: