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Technical Drawings

Bobcat/Trailblazer 325 (Gas),
40.5" base
[PDF] [AutoCAD]
Bobcat / Trailblazer (Diesel),
45.4" base
[PDF] [AutoCAD]
Trailblazer 302 Air Pak (Gas)
[PDF] [AutoCAD]
[PDF] [AutoCAD]
Big Blue 800 Duo Air Pak (Diesel)
[PDF] [AutoCAD]
Big Blue 400 Pro (Diesel)
Big Blue 500 Pro (Diesel)
[PDF] [AutoCAD]

Bobcat / Trailblazer (Diesel),
52" base
[PDF] [AutoCAD]
Bobcat / Trailblazer 302 (Gas),
45.3" base
[PDF] [AutoCAD]


Contact our Truck Applications Manager for answers or to request 3D solid model drawings.

Any truck. Any job. Miller.

Welding and gouging. Powering electrical and pneumatic tools. Charging batteries, providing hydraulic power and more. For virtually every job your work truck will encounter, there's a Miller machine that can do that job. We've shown several work truck solutions here.


  • Bobcat EnPak Cover
  • Nichols
  • Caseco Yellow
  • BarT

Advancements in engine drive technology for your work truck

Whether you are looking to upgrade, or you are buying an engine-driven
welder/generator for the first time, new advancements in technology will give you both
the power and versatility you need to get most any job done.

As you consider different models, keep in mind how different outputs and options can
add capabilities and functionality to your new machine.


Product Considerations
Other Considerations

Fuel Choice

Weld Output

Engine Speed

Air Capacity

Idle Reduction

Hydraulic Capacity (EnPak only):

Battery Charge/Jump Start


Choosing the best work truck solution

With so many options, accessories and features, there is a lot to consider when choosing the best engine drive for your needs. Start by using this selection chart to compare output, processes and generator power as well as consider any hydraulic or air capacity needs you may have to help maximize idle reduction for your truck.

View Work Truck Solutions Brochure [PDF] >>



Choose the Right Gas Engine Drive
Bobcat™ 250



302 Air Pak™
Rated DC Output (A)
250 275 325 300
Rated AC Output (A) 225 - - 200
Output Range (A)





Stick/DC TIG/Wire

Arc Gouge Up to 3/16" Up to 1/4" Up to 1/4" Up to 1/4"
Generator Rated Output:
11,000 watts peak, 9,500 continuous
12,000 watts peak, 10,500 continuous
12,000 watts peak, 10,500 continuous
13,000 watts peak, 11,000 continuous
Battery Charger Voltage: - - 12-24 12-24
Kohler/Subaru Kohler Kohler Kohler
Rated Speed (rpm) 3,600   3,600 3,600
Output (hp) 23   25 30
Fuel Type Gasoline   Gasoline Gasoline
14-Pin Remote Control -  
Max Noise Level (dBA) at 23 feet 72.5   74 81.2
Height (in)
28   28 28
Width (in) 20   20 20
Depth (in) 40.5   40.5 59.6
Weight (lb) 501   460 771
Air Compressor:
- - - Rotary Screw
Max Output (cfm)
Ratings (psi) - - - 80-160


Choose the Right High Speed Diesel Engine Drive


250 Diesel

325 Diesel


High Speed Diesel Advantages


• Lower up front cost (up to 35% less)

• Small size

- Fits on elevators and in tight spots

- Easier to transport to and from work sites (more machines per truck)

• Light weight

- Easier and safer to push around the jobsite

All models are EPA
Tier 4 Final Compliant


EnVerter™ Power


Rated Output

(Rated output when running a Maxstar STR-E)



Process Stick/TIG-CC
Wire -CV
Wire -CV
Wire -CV
Generator Power
6,000 watts
11,000 watts peak, 9,500 continuous
12,000 watts peak, 10,500 continuous
Air Capacity
60 CFM, 175 PSI
Hydraulic Capacity
20 GPM
8.0 GPM@ 3,000 PSI