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Big Blue® Air Pak™

Complete package - a multiprocess welder/generator/air compressor/optional battery charger.


Base Model
Starting at:

List Price (US$)


  • AC* /DC Stick (SMAW)
  • MIG (GMAW)
  • Flux Cored (FCAW)
  • AC TIG (GTAW) *
  • Stud Welding
  • Air Carbon Arc (CAC-A) thru 1/2" carbons
  • Air Plasma Cutting and Gouging (PAC) with Optional Spectrum Models
  • Battery Charging/Jump-Starting*
  • Air Compressor

* Deluxe Model Only


Industrial Applications

  • Railroad Maintenance
  • Mining Maintenance
  • Maintenance and Repair Rigs


Rated Output at 104° F (40°C)

  • Stick: 600 A, 44 V (26.4 kW), 40% duty cycle
  • MIG/FCAW: 500 A, 40 V (20 kW), 100 % duty cycle

Output Power Range

  • CC/AC: 20 - 575 A*
  • CC/DC: 20 - 750 A
  • CV/DC: 14 - 40 V
  • Battery Charger 12/24 V, 50-750 A*
  • Air Compressor: 100 PSI, 60 CFM, 100 % duty cycle
    * Deluxe Model Only

Generator Power- rated at 104°F (40°C)

  • 5,500 watts Peak - 4,000 watts Continuous
  • 20,000 watts 3-phase / 12,000 1-phase Continuous*
    * Deluxe Model Only

Net Weight

  • Base & Cold Weather Models: 1931 lbs (876 kg)
  • Deluxe Model: 1956 lb (887 kg)


  • Turbocharged 64 hp Deutz Diesel

Comes Complete With

  • Power source included
  • Engine Gauges and Auto Idle

Special Offers
Big Blue Air Pak Multiprocess welder, generator, air compressor and optional battery charger

Deluxe model shown without the Vandalism Lockout Kit.

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Maintenance displays:
• Engine hours
• Hours left before an oil change is due
• Fuel gauge & low fuel shutdown indicator
• High coolant temperature and low oil pressure shutdown indicators

Deutz turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine provides ample power at high altitudes.

Ingersoll-Rand ultra-reliable industrial rotary screw air compressor. Belt-driven with automatic belt tensioner with a life expectancy of 30,000 hours.
industrial rotary screw air compressor cross-section

The VaultThe Vault-ultimate control board reliability. Hardened solid-state control technology, housed in a sealed vault. The vault's sealed connections are made through watertight plugs that make these components impenetrable to dust and moisture.

Independent compressor controls include an on/off switch for applications not requiring compressed air. At idle speed, the Air Pak will produce 100 PSI at 60 CFM.

Quiet - at only 70 db (95 Lwa) when idle, 79 db (104 Lwa) at maximum output. Improves work site communications.

Hot Start™ provides positive stick electrode starts to make it easy to start all types of electrodes.

Arc-Drive makes welding easy. Automatically enhances Stick welding, especially on pipe, by focusing the arc and preventing the electrode from going out.

Optional AC/DC/battery charge/jump-start for AC TIG welding and 12 or 24 volt batteries. Simply select the battery voltage and connect cables to the separate battery output studs. Note: High-frequency control required for AC TIG welding.

Meets NEMA and IEC output ratings.

Recommended Accessory

Air Dry System
(#195 117)

Eliminates moisture in the air stream & prevents air line freeze-ups in cold climates.

Powerline Financing