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Trailblazer® 302 Air Pak™ Engine-Driven Welder

Powerful all-in-one tool is designed for repair and construction with unbeatable multiprocess weld quality, integrated rotary screw air compressor, 13,000 watts of generator power for tools, and the battery charger jump start.

Trailblazer Air Pak
  • Trailblazer Air Pak
  • Trailblazer Air Pak Front Panel
  • Trailblazer Air Pak on site
Base Model Starting at:
$13,000.00 List Price (US$)

Additional Models and Pricing

Spec Sheet ENG

Four Tools In One

  • Professional welding performance in all processes with the best welding arc in its class
  • 13,000 watt generator
  • 31 CFM rotary screw air compressor
  • 12-24-volt battery charger/ jump starter

Independent Weld/Generator Power

Strongest Combined
Generator/Compressor Power
Generator/Compressor Power
Delivers an industry-leading 13,000 watts of peak generator power independent of weld settings—enough to power a Spectrum® 875 plasma cutter, and provide air for plasma cutting at the same time. (Rated 5/8" mild steel)

A Battery Charger/Jump Starter

  • Provides selectable 12- or 24-volt battery charging capability
  • Provides up to 450 amps of battery jump-starting capability
  • Convenient front panel battery charger/jump starter access

Requires Half the Space

Takes only half the bed space of a separate engine-driven air compressor and welder, freeing up 50% more room on your truck for equipment and supplies. 


Less space also means better payload.  The Trailblazer 302 Air Pak offers up to 25% less axle weight for payload advantage. 


Superior Arc Performance

The best arc performance and multi-process versatility:

  • Four preset DIG settings (Stick) to make the arc softer or stiffer depending on electrode and operator preference.
  • Adaptive Hot Start (Stick) ensures easy arc starts regardless of operator technique.
  • Excellent MIG?FCAW arc performance to run smoothly with solid and flux-cored wires.
  • Lif Arc, TIG with Auto-Crater and Auto-Stop. Lift Arc minimizes/eliminates contamination when starting, Auto-Stop prevents arc flare at the arc end and Auto-Crater eliminates the need for a remote control by automatically ramping down amperage at the end of a weld to fill in the crater.
    • DC Stick: 25-300 A
    • DC TIG: 10-300 A
    • AC TIG/Stick: 10-225 A
    • MIG/FCAW: 13-35 V, 350 A

Rotary Screw Compressor

Rotary Screw Compressor

Quiet, durable rotary-screw compressor delivers 31 CFM at 80-160 psi of air at 100% duty cycle while rated at 104° F.  It offers an average of three times the service life of traditional reciprocating compressors.


Deliverable Air, On Demand
Produced 100% deliverable air when you need it; no more down time waiting for an external tank to fill. Airflow can be selected depending on tool requirements.


Front Panel Air Pressure Adjustment

  • Simple to dial in the correct air pressure for specific applications (80-160 psi)
  • Increases engine power for more gouging and plasma cutting capabilities

Lower Fuel Consumption and Emissions

Air compressor, welder and generator are all run with one engine, reducing emissions and reducing fuel consumption up to 50%. 

Easy to Service

Easy to Service

Side and top access doors make it fast and easy to reach engine and air compressor compartments. Digital maintenance meters automatically track hours and service schedules.



Stock #

XMT® 350 VS ArcReach™ 907224002

XMT® 450 VS ArcReach™ 907481002

SuitCase® X-TREME™ 8VS ArcReach™ with Bernard® S-Gun™ 951588

SuitCase® X-TREME™ 8VS ArcReach™ with Bernard® Q300 Gun 951584

SuitCase® X-TREME™ 12VS ArcReach™ with Bernard® S-Gun™ 951589

SuitCase® X-TREME™ 12VS ArcReach™ with Bernard® Q300 Gun 951581

Product Literature
Spec Sheet ENG
Air Facts
Truck Installation Drawing [PDF]
Truck Installation Drawing [AutoCAD]
ProcessesMIG (GMAW) 
Stick (SMAW) 
Flux Cored (FCAW) 
Air Plasma Cutting and Gouging (PAC) with Optional Spectrum Models - rated 5/8" mild steel 
Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A) - capable 1/4" carbons, rated 3/16" carbons 
General specificationsRated Output
CV/DC MIG/FCAW: 300 A, 32 V at 100% Duty Cycle; 350 A, 32 V at 60% Duty Cycle
CC/DC Stick/TIG: 280 A, 32 V at 100% Duty Cycle
CC/AC Stick/TIG: 200 A, 25 V at 60% Duty Cycle
Air Compressor: 31 CFM at 100% Duty Cycle
Welding Amperage Range
CV/DC MIG/FCAW: 13 - 35 Volts
CC/DC Stick/TIG: 10 - 300 Amps
CC/AC Stick/TIG: 10 - 225 Amps
Net Weight771 lb (350 kg) without fuel
Generator Power 104DegF
Peak: 13,000 W
Continuous: 11,000 W
Twin-cylinder, 30 hp Kohler gas
Air Compressor
31 CFM, 100% Duty Cycle, 70-160 PSI
Battery Charge/Jump Start, 12 & 24 Volts
450A, 12 volt jump start
350A, 24 volt jump start
10-75A, charge
Field Maintenance and Repair 
Stand-Alone Generator 
Spool Gun Option SPOOLMATIC-30A See Spool Gun Hook-up Chart


Stock # Manufacturer List Price US$    
  Trailblazer® 302 Air Pak™ w/GFCI, elec fuel pump  907549 $13,149.00  
  Trailblazer® 302 Air Pak™  907549001 $13,000.00  
  Trailblazer® 302 Air Pak w/cool/sep, GFCI, Elec Fuel Pump  907549003 $13,976.00  

Most Popular Accessories

Stock# Manufacturer List Price US$   US and Canada Add to list

HF-251D-1 High-Frequency Arc Starter and Stabilizer

Portable 115 Volt, 250 amp unit , 60% duty cycle unit adds high-frequency to the welding circuit to help start the arc when using the TIG process. (requires Secondary Contactor and RMLS-14 Switch).

042388 $1350.00  
 View Accessories for HF-251D-1 High-Frequency Arc Starter and Stabilizer   
 View Accessories for HF-251D-1 High-Frequency Arc Starter and Stabilizer   
 RMS-14 Remote On/Off Control (14-pin plug)187208$182.00  
 RMLS-14 Remote Switch (14-pin plug)129337$187.00  
 CABLE,EXTENSION 24 VAC 14 PIN 8C 50 FT242208050$271.00  
 RCCS-14 Remote Contactor and Current Control (14-pin plug)043688$246.00 Buy Now
 CABLE,EXTENSION 24 VAC 14 PIN 8C 80 FT242208080$380.00  
 RHC-14 REMOTE HAND CONTROL W/CABLE 100 FT242211100$452.00  
 CABLE,EXTENSION 24 VAC 14 PIN 8C 25 FT242208025$181.00  
 Adapter Cord041947$173.00  
 RHC-14 REMOTE HAND CONTROL W/CABLE 20 FT242211020$278.00  
 Weldcraft A-200 Torch Pkg, 25Ft, 2Pc, RubberWP-26-25-2$298.92  
 Weldcraft A-150 Torch Pkg, 25Ft, 2Pc, RubberWP-17-25-2$249.64  
 HF-251D-1 Secondary Contactor Kit041969$542.00  
 Weldcraft W-250 Torch Pkg, 25Ft, Braided WP-20-25-R$348.33  
 Secondary Contactor Kit for HF-251-2 model041906$906.00  
 Weldcraft W-350 Torch Pkg, 25Ft, BraidedWP-18-25-R$365.28  
 RFCS-14 Remote Foot Control (14-pin plug)043554$311.00  
 RCC-14 Remote Contactor and Current Control (14-pin plug)151086$231.00 Buy Now

Hwy-224 Trailer

A 2650 lb (1202 kg) capacity highway trailer. Welded steel tubing frame, heavy-duty axle with roller bearing hubs and leaf-spring suspension. The Hwy-224 comes with jack stand, 2 in (50 mm) ball hitch, fenders and lights. Note: Trailer is shipped unassem

043805 $2426.00  
 View Accessories for Hwy-224 Trailer   
 View Accessories for Hwy-224 Trailer   
 DUAL HITCH,2"BALL/3"LUNETTE EYE300831$225.00 Buy Now
 FENDER KIT (224 TRAILER)300160$320.00  
 Cable Tree043826$202.00  

Spoolmatic™ 30Ft

Ideal for aluminum welding jobs. 200 amp, 100% duty cycle, air-cooled, 1 lb spool gun with 30 ft (9.1 m) cable assembly. For detailed information, see Spoolmatic literature, Index No. M/1.5

130831 $1286.00 Buy Now
 View Accessories for Spoolmatic™ 30Ft    
 View Accessories for Spoolmatic™ 30Ft    
 LINER, .030-1/16" WIRE212156$14.60  
 CONTACT TIP, FASTIP .312" OD .035-0.40" AL WIRE 25 PER PKG206187$1.49  
 CONTACT TIP, FASTIP .312" OD .040-.045" AL WIRE 25 PER PKG206188$1.49  
 DRIVE ROLL, .047-.062" FLUX CORED WIRE183358$31.29  
 CONTACT TIP, FASTIP .312" OD .052-3/64" AL WIRE 10 PER PKG223019$1.60  
 PSA-2 Control141604$379.00  
 WC-115A with Contactor137546011$1322.00  
 DIFFUSER, FASTIP .281/.312" OD 1/4", RECESS210664$14.35  
 CONTACT TIP, FASTIP .312" OD .052" AL WIRE, BULK 25 PER PKG206189B$1.42  
 NOZZLE, 5/8" ORIFICE TAPERED198855$18.02  
 DRIVE ROLL, .030-1/16" FLUX CORED WIRE136135$30.52 Buy Now
 WC-115A Weld Control without Contactor137546$890.00  
 DIFFUSER, FASTIP .281/.312" OD 1/8", RECESS206195$13.83  
 DIFFUSER, FASTIP .281/.312" OD, FLUSH206196$14.35  
 CONTACT TIP, FASTIP .312" OD .040-.045" AL WIRE 10 PER PKG223018$1.60  
 Spare Spool Canister132230$119.00  
 CONTACT TIP, FASTIP .312" OD .035-.040" AL WIRE 10 PER PKG223017$1.57  
 Spoolmatic 30A Extension Hose and Cable Kit - 25 ft132228$554.00  
 CONTACT TIP, FASTIP .312" OD .052-3/64" AL WIRE 25 PER PKG206189$1.49  
 CONTACT TIP, FASTIP .312" OD 1/16" AL WIRE 25 PER PKG206190$1.49  
 Spoolmatic 30A Extension Hose and Cable Kit - 50 ft132229$786.00  
 CONTACT TIP, FASTIP .312" OD 1/16-.030" WIRE 10 PER PKG223200$1.58  
 NOZZLE, 1/2" ORIFICE, TAPERED199615$18.74  
 WC-24 Weld Control137549$343.00 Buy Now
 Cable Cover 30 ft118678$209.00  
 NOZZLE, 3/4" ORIFICE, STRAIGHT199616$18.74  
 CONTACT TIP, FASTIP .312" OD .030-.035" AL WIRE 10 PER PKG223016$1.60  
 CONTACT TIP, FASTIP .312" OD .030-.035" AL WIRE 25 PER PKG206186$1.49  
 DRIVE ROLL, .030-.035" FLUX CORED WIRE183357$27.56  

WC-24 Weld Control

The WC-24 easily mounts directly on the power source. It is designed for use with Miller CV power sources supplying 24 VAC and 14-pin receptacles. Includes a board-mounted potentiometer that can alter motor acceleration rate to optimize arc starting.

137549 $343.00 Buy Now

Electric Fuel Pump Kit

195214 $125.00  


Field. Air Compressor Tune-up kit includes oil filter, air filter and oil separator.

235202 $253.23  


Field. Kohler CH750 Tune-up kit includes spark plugs and engine filters.

238743 $66.61  

Protective Cover, Trailblazer 302 Air Pak

Heavy-duty, water resistant and mildew-resistant. Protects and maintains the finish of your twin-cylinder welder/generator. Note: Not for use with protective cage or running gear.

300379 $146.00  


Cools and removes moisture from the air supply. Designed for use above 32 degrees F. Bypass in colder temperatures.

300420 $681.00  

25 ft Battery Charger / Jump Cable

300422 $187.00  


Rugged cage with cable holders protects your investment. Can be used with trailer.

300473 $602.00  

Adapter Cord, Full KVA (Field)

NEMA 14-50P to NEMA 6-50R. Adapts engine drive 120/240 V plug to common Millermatic and Spectrum 240 V plug.

300517 $73.00 Buy Now


A regenerating inline air dryer system that eliminates moisture in the air stream to prevent air tool freeze-ups in cold climates. Internal thermostat and heating elements insure good air quality in all climates. The system can be mounted remotely for tru

300690 $2079.00  


Miniature hand control for remote current and contactor control. Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 3-1/4 in (102 x 102 x 82 mm). Includes 20 ft (6 m) cord and 14-pin plug.

242211020 $278.00  


Miniature hand control for remote current and contactor control. Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 3-1/4 in (102 x 102 x 82 mm). Includes 100 ft (6 m) cord and 14-pin plug.

242211100 $452.00  

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