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Bobcat™ 250 Diesel Engine-Driven Welder

Rugged engine drive is great for Stick and Flux-Cored welding and is designed for maintenance/repair operations, construction, farm/ranch, and generator use.

Bobcat 250 Diesel
  • Bobcat 250 Diesel
  • Bobcat 250 Diesel Front Panel
Base Model Starting at:
$10,449.00 List Price (US$)

Additional Models and Pricing

Spec Sheet (ENG)

Smaller and lighter design*

Smaller and lighter design*
Bobcat welder/generators take up less space - leaving more room on your truck for other equipment and tools. Plus, they’re easier to move safely around jobsites—even with weld cables and running gear attached.  *Compared to previous model.

Versatile AC and DC weld output

Versatile AC and DC weld output provide quality welds on all types of metals. DC is smooth and easy to run while AC Stick is used when arc blow occurs.

Front panel fuel and sight gauges

Front panel fuel and sight gauges provide convenient fuel level indication. Note: Diesel engine will shut down before system runs out of fuel making restart easy.

Better power, better performance

Better power, better performance
Miller’s Accu-Rated™ 11,000 watt generator now includes a revolutionary 10 degree skewed rotor design which optimizes generator performance providing smooth power—not spiked power as found with other brands.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance
With front panel maintenance displays, you know when your equipment needs to be serviced.



Stock #

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XMT® 450 VS ArcReach™ 907481002

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SuitCase® X-TREME™ 8VS ArcReach™ with Bernard® Q300 Gun 951584

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SuitCase® X-TREME™ 12VS ArcReach™ with Bernard® Q300 Gun 951581

Product Literature
Spec Sheet (ENG)
Truck Installation Drawing [PDF]
Truck Installation Drawing [AutoCAD]
ProcessesMIG (GMAW) 
Non-Critical AC TIG (GTAW) 
Stick (SMAW) 
Flux Cored (FCAW) 
Air Plasma Cutting and Gouging (PAC) with Optional Spectrum Models 
Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A) - capable 1/4" carbons, rated 3/16" carbons 
General specificationsRated Output
CC/AC Stick/TIG: 250 A at 25 Volts
CC/DC Stick/TIG: 250 A at 25 Volts
CV/DC MIG/FCAW: 250 A at 28 Volts
Welding Amperage Range
CC/AC Stick/TIG: 40 - 250 Amps
CC/DC Stick/TIG: 40 - 250 Amps
CV/DC MIG/FCAW: 17 - 28 Volts
Net Weight 638 lb (289 kg)
Generator Power 104DegF
Accu-Rated Power
Peak: 11,000 Watts
Continuous: 9,500 Watts
Kubota D722, 19 HP at 3,600 RPM
EPA Tier 4 Compliant
2 Year Limited North American Mfg. Warranty
ApplicationsAluminum Welding 
Farm and Ranch 
Field Maintenance and Repair 
Stand-Alone Generator 


Stock # Manufacturer List Price US$    
  Bobcat™ 250 Diesel Engine-Driven Welder  907565 $10,449.00  

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