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Portable Fume Extraction

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Bernard™ FILTAIR® Fume Extraction Gun

Suitable for use with solid and flux-core wires.

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Fume Extraction Gun
The basics to choose the right FILTAIR® fume extraction solution for your needs. Portable high vacuum weld fume extractor is ideal for moving with the work. Designed for contractors, MRO, light fabrication work and light manufacturing. Weld fume extractor is a high vacuum system ideally suited for use with Bernard™ FILTAIR Fume Extraction MIG Guns to extract at the source. Ideally suited for almost any solid wire application. Provides efficient smoke and fume collection.
Number of welding arcs 1 Up to 6 1
Location Portable - 46 lbs (92 kg) Stationary (indoor) New! Smaller and lighter
Capture Up to 25 ft. small diameter flexible hose Small diameter flexible hose Adjustable vacuum chamber
Distance to arc Less than 6 in. with accys or Bernard™ FILTAIR Gun Bernard FILTAIR Gun or Less than 6 in. with accys Collection from end of gun nozzle.
Number of arc hours Low/Intermittent High See FILTAIR extractor
Filter type* Manual cleaning Self-cleaning (automatic) See FILTAIR extractor
Input power 120 V, 60 Hz 460 V, 3 ph., 60 Hz N/A

*Upgrade to self-cleaning models with high arc on time, extracting from heavy fume processes, and when welding aluminum or galvanized materials.

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