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Don't be Left in the Dark

Don't be left in the dark - generator / welders offer the best value for emergency power... Read More

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Top Reasons to Buy a Generator/Welder:

  • Includes a welder to do your own welding repairs
  • Features fuel-efficient engines and up to 12-gallon tanks for longer run time
  • Generates up to 12,000 watts of Accu-Rated™ — not inflated — generator power
  • Built to the highest standards and has a three-year warranty

When you need power,
We provide the source.

Every-day Use, Backup, or Emergency Generator Power

Plug tools and appliances directly into the generator/welder 120/240 VAC

Power your house, garage, barn or work shed with powerful Accu-Rated™ - not inflated generator power.


Keep Home Essentials Running Power Work Shed & Garage Tools Field Equipment Repairs Construction or Farm/Ranch Work
Keep Home Essentials Running Power Work Shed & Garage Tools Field Equipment Repairs Construction or Farm/Ranch Work
Which Generator/Welder is Right for You?

Blue Star®




Generator Power 4,500 watts 6,500 watts 11,000 watts 11,000 watts 12,000 watts 12,000 watts 12,000 watts
Fuel Capacity 5-gallon 7-gallon 12-gallon 12-gallon 12-gallon 12-gallon 12-gallon
Minimum Avg. Run Time 7 hours 10 hours 13 Hours 13 Hours 14.5 Hours 14.5 Hours 23.6 Hours
Welding Power 145 amps 200 amps 225 amps 250 amps 275 amps 325 amps 325 amps
Price Compared to Generator-Only Unit Comparably priced Comparably priced Save up to $583 Save up to $983 Save up to $683 Save up to $283 Save up to $683
Other Models Available      
LP & Diesel



How can YOU change the game?


How Much Generator Power Do You Need?

The amount of generator power you need depends on your power requirements - how many watts the items you plan to power require. Generally, a higher-wattage generator lets you power more items at once. Follow the steps below to determine the size of generator you need.

Identify RUNNING WATTS and STARTING (peak) WATTS required for the items you wish to power. Refer to our Wattage Reference Guide for common tools and appliances.

Miller generators supply up to 12,000 watts of usable peak power.

Our AccuRated, not inflated, standard of measuring guarantees the power we promise.

means peak power is delivered for a minimum of 30 seconds and is usable for peak loads such as starting the motor on your refrigerator or air conditioner.

Calculate TOTAL running and starting watts needed for the items that will run at the same time.

Complete the Generator Power Worksheet (PDF) to determine your power requirements.
Review additional information on topics like safety, grounding your generator, selecting the proper length of extension cords, and more.

Read our handy reference guide Generator Power Application Guide (PDF)

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