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9. Using Generator Power

Miller packs its engine-driven welding generators with generator power to run tools and lights, start motors, power equipment and run plasma cutters and inverter-based welders. All our welding generators provide 120/240 VAC single-phase power, and some of machines offer 460VAC three-phase power.

How Much Generator Power Do You Need?
Step 1: Identify the items you wish to power at the same time. See Wattage Reference Guide for common tools and appliances
Step 2: Determine total watts needed. Complete Generator Power Worksheet (pdf)
Step 3: Review additional information. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Power Requirements to Run a Miller Plasma Cutter off Generator Power
Miller Plasma Product Generator Power Required Max. Cutting Capability
Spectrum® 375 4 kW (240 V) 3/8"
Spectrum® 625 8 kW (240 V) 5/8"
Spectrum® 2050 8 kW
10 kW
12 kW

Power Requirements to Run a Miller Inverter-Based Welder off Generator Power
Miller Inverter Product Generator Power Required Welding Output
CST™ 280 10 kW (240 V) 5 - 280 amps, CC
XMT® 304 12 kW (240 V) 5 - 400 amps, CC/CV

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