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Spectrum® 375 with XT30C Torch

3/8" mild steel cutting capacity with dual 115/230 volt input power capability.

Spectrum 375 with XT30C Torch
  • Spectrum 375 with XT30C Torch
  • Spectrum 375 Front Panel
  • XT30C Torch
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Spec Sheet ENG

Rated Cutting Capacity

The rated cutting capacity is based on traveling approximately 15 inches per minute to achieve a steady, precise cut.  This is the key rating that should meet or exceed your typical cutting thickness requirements.

NEW! XT30C Torch

The XT30C torch with ergonomic handle prevents operator fatigue while the flexible cable makes maneuvering easier.

Electronic Pilot Arc Controller

Automatically controls the pilot circuit to provide expanded metal cutting ability without having to re-trigger the torch, increasing productivity and extending tip life.

Post Flow Cooling Circuit

Protection to extend the life of consumables and the welding torch is enhanced by our post flow circuit that provides shielding gas after you release the trigger.

LVC™ Line Voltage Compensation

provides peak performance power under variable conditions (98 to 132 volts) for steady cuts and cleaner ending cuts. See How.

Can be Powered by Miller Engine Driven Welder/Generators

with 6000 watts of generator power (e.g. Bobcat™) or equivalent competitive equipment.

Dual Input Voltage

Dual Input Voltage
A switch located in the back of the unit allows connection to either 115 or 230 VAC input power and provides protection in case of incorrect switch positioning. The unit comes with a standard 115V 20A plug. Connection to 115V 15A and 230V receptacles require customer supplied plugs/adapters (not included).

Built-In Consumables Storage

Built-in consumables storage compartment provides convenient access to spare consumables and parts.



Stock #

XMT® 350 VS ArcReach™ 907224002

XMT® 450 VS ArcReach™ 907481002

SuitCase® X-TREME™ 8VS ArcReach™ with Bernard® S-Gun™ 951588

SuitCase® X-TREME™ 8VS ArcReach™ with Bernard® Q300 Gun 951584

SuitCase® X-TREME™ 12VS ArcReach™ with Bernard® S-Gun™ 951589

SuitCase® X-TREME™ 12VS ArcReach™ with Bernard® Q300 Gun 951581

Product Literature
Spec Sheet ENG
Plasma Cutters on Engine Driven Welders
Mild Steel Cutting Capacity
3/8 in (9.5 mm) at 14 IPM
1/4 in (6.4 mm) at 27 IPM
Maximum Sever cut of 5/8 in. (15.9 mm)
General specificationsInput Power
115/230 Volts, 1-Phase, 60 Hz
Net Weightwith torch: 55 lb (25 kg)
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  SPECTRUM 375 WITH 20FT XT30C TORCH  907532 $1,490.00   Buy Now

Most Popular Accessories

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127493 $13.37  

Protective Cover

Covers unit with all cables connected. Easy-off handle/ wall hanging strap. Heavy-duty canvas, water-resistant, and mildew-resistant. Protects and maintains the finish of the machine.

195144 $62.00 Buy Now

Suction/Magnetic Pivot Base

Add this to your cutting guide for convenient attachment to all flat surfaces. The extended arm accommodates holes up to 30 in diameter.

195979 $107.24 Buy Now

RTI Replacement Filter Element

212771 $69.64 Buy Now

In-Line Air Filter Kit

Mounts to the back of Spectrum plasma cutters. Includes male and female 1/4 in NPT quick disconnect fittings and hose for easy on/off connection. Filters to .85 microns.

228926 $90.71 Buy Now

In-Line Air Filter Replacement Element

Includes 1 replacement filter for in-line filter #228 926.

228928 $14.93 Buy Now


252951 $5.86 Buy Now

Standoff Roller Guide

Helps maintain recommended standoff distance to maximize cutting performance and improve tip life.

253054 $62.70 Buy Now

Circle-Cutting Guides

For ICE-12C and 60T, and XT30C, XT30,and XT40. Cut straight lines or circles up to 12 inches in diameter.

253055 $158.97 Buy Now


253520 $83.34 Buy Now


The XT30C torch with ergonomic handle prevents operator fatigue while the flexible cable makes maneuvering easier.

255685 $353.43 Buy Now
 View Accessories for TORCH,XT30C 20 FT HAND HELD (REPLACEMENT)   
 View Accessories for TORCH,XT30C 20 FT HAND HELD (REPLACEMENT)   
 SHIELD,DRAG 30A XT30/C XT40249930$9.64 Buy Now
 O-RING,XT30/C & XT40249969$2.08 Buy Now
 ELECTRODE,XT30/C, XT40249926$6.51 Buy Now
 SHIELD DEFLECTOR, XT30/C, XT40249933$7.19 Buy Now
 SWIRL RING, XT30/C, XT40249931$14.24 Buy Now
 TIP, 30A XT30/C, XT40249927$3.25 Buy Now
 RETAINING CUP,XT30/C XT40249932$29.01 Buy Now

RTI Filter/Air Dryer

Dryer will remove water, dirt and oil as small as one micron with 99.9% efficiency. Can be mounted on plasma cutter or on wall. Install as close as possible to point of air consumption.

300491 $299.00 Buy Now

No. 30B Economy Cart with Cord Wrap

This economical running gear provides mobility with an angle for easy front panel access and extra storage space.

300511 $199.00 Buy Now

Adapter Cord, Full KVA (Field)

NEMA 14-50P to NEMA 6-50R. Adapts engine drive 120/240 V plug to common Millermatic and Spectrum 240 V plug.

300517 $73.00 Buy Now

Powerline Financing