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Thunderbolt® XL 225 AC

Economical Stick machine with 225 AC amps of output.

Thunderbolt XL 225 AC
  • Thunderbolt XL 225 AC
  • Thunderbolt XL 225 AC Front Panel
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Precise Amperage Adjustment

Unlike other economical stick machines on the market with their fixed amperage settings, the Thunderbolt® uses Miller’s Accu-Set™ amperage dial which gives you infinite adjustment of amperage within the range of the machine.


Just Add Your Favorite Stick Electrodes and You're Ready to Weld

The Thunderbolt comes equipped with a heavy duty electrode holder and the power cord with plug already attached.  All you need to do is grab your favorite stick electrodes and you're ready to start welding.



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Spec Sheet ENG
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ProcessesStick (SMAW) 
General specificationsInput Power
230 Volts, 1-Phase, 50/60 Hz
ApplicationsFarm and Ranch 
Warranty True Blue With the best coverage in the industry, Miller's True Blue® Warranty [PDF] delivers unparalleled peace-of-mind.


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THUNDERBOLT XL 225 AC 230V 50/60 HZ 903641 $486.00   Buy Now

Most Popular Accessories

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Thunderbolt XL Running Gear

Mounts easily to unit and provides convenient portability. Includes two wheels, two feet and a handle.


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