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SubArc Tractor Packages

The Miller Tractor is a highly flexible self-contained welding package comprised of a travel system and a variety of quality engineered components designed to produce precision, high-quality Submerged Arc welds.



Base Model
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List Price (US$)


  • Submerged Arc (SAW)


Heavy Industrial Applications

  • Storage Tank Construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Bridge Decks
  • Beam Construction
  • Plate Seams


Recommended Power Supplies

  • Subarc DC 650/800 Digital
  • Subarc DC 1000/1250 Digital
  • Subarc AC/DC 1000/1250 Digital

Wire Feed Speed

  • 30-400 IPM (0.8-10.2 m/min)

Wire Size Range

  • 3/32-7/32 in (2.4-5.6 mm)

Travel Speed

  • 4-66 IPM (10-168 cm/min)

Net Weight

  • 162 lb (73 kg) without flux or wire

Welding Control Type:

  • SubArc Interface Digital: Constant Voltage (CV), AC or DC, with Remote Contactor and Output Control Capabilities
  • SubArc Interface Analog: Constant Current (CC), Constant Voltage (CV), DC, with Remote Contactor and Output Control Capabilities.

Weld Voltage and Amperage Capacity
SubArc Interface Analog or Digital (AC or DC)

  • 0-60 V
  • 0-1500 A

Package includes:

  • Tractor
  • SubArc Interface weld controller
  • Wire drive 400 for tractor
  • 25 lb (11.3 kg) capacity flux hopper with valve
  • 60 lb (27 kg) wire reel
  • OBT 600 torch
  • Wire straightener

Note: Order drive rolls, contact tips, and extension cords of appropriate length separately.

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Product Information

Product Literature (PDF)

Designed and built to provide maximum reliability in the toughest conditions. This simple to use self-propelled Submerged Arc welding tractor can easily connect to Miller SubArc DC and AC/DC digital power sources.

Heavy-duty, four-wheel, chain-driven trackless operation with rubber wheels provides superior and reliable mobility.

Vertical, horizontal and rotary torch adjustment allows for greater access to hard-to-reach spots.

Manual clutch enables freewheeling movement of the tractor.

Travel speed is precisely controlled by a closed-loop microprocessor control with tach feedback.

Easily accommodates a 60 lb (27 kg) wire reel for fewer wire changeovers.

All of the arms, support posts, etc. can be removed with quick acting clamps enabling the carriage to be totally dismantled without tools and easily passed through an 24 in (610 mm) manhole.

Simple and easy changeover from fillet to butt weld configuration.

Available with either the SubArc Interface Digital or SubArc Interface Analog Controller.

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