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20 Series Feeders (22A & 24A)

Simple to use, but built with the strength and flexibility to handle industrial manufacturing and fabricating, they deliver proven reliability and economy.


Base Model
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List Price (US$)


  • MIG (GMAW)
  • Flux Cored (FCAW) (gas and self-shielded)


Industrial Applications

  • Light Fabrication
  • Education
  • Manufacturing


Input Power

  • 24 VAC, 7 A, 50/60 Hz

Wire Diameter Capacity

  • 22A: .023 - 5/64 in (0.6 - 2.0 mm)
  • 24A: .023 - 3/32 in (0.6 - 2.4 mm)

Wire Speed

  • 75 - 750 IPM (1.9 - 19 m/min)

Max Spool Size Capacity

  • 60 lb (27 kg) coil

Net Weight

  • 22A: 36 lb (15.4 kg)
  • 24A: 40 lb (18 kg)

Comes Complete With

  • 22A or 24A wire feeder
  • FREE Bernard® Q-Gun and Centerfire consumables
  • .035/.045 drive rolls

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Special Offers
20 Series wirefeeder (22A & 24A)

22A model shown.

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Equip To Weld industrial system builder

Product Literature (PDF)

Miller Industrial Wire Feeders Now Come With A Free Bernard Q-Gun & Centerfire Consumables.

Both wire feeders are ideal for most high-duty-cycle applications requiring day-in/day-out trouble-free operation.

Trigger hold control for long extended welds.

Two gear-driven drive rolls on 22A for smooth, positive wire feed. Four gear-driven drive rolls on 24A for larger wire sizes.

On-board burnback and motor ramp control for excellent starting and stopping performance.

Heavy-duty 16-gauge metal enclosure for extra durability.

Remote voltage is standard on 24A.

Optional presettable voltage and wire feed speed on most power sources for 22A.

Miller industrial Wire Feeders now include a FREE Bernard® Q-Gun and Centerfire Consumables

  • 300-amp, 100% duty cycle, air-cooled, 15 ft cable.
  • Superior arc performance and gas coverage, longer consumable life and an easy-to-change tip design improve productivity and reduce overall welding costs.
  • Free Gun Exchange Program ensures you have the right MIG gun for your application.


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