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S-32S Series Wire Feeders

Simple to use but with all the features needed for heavy-duty wire feed applications... that's the S-32S and S-32SL wire feeders from Miller.


Base Model
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  • MIG (GMAW)
  • Flux Cored (FCAW) (gas and self-shielded)


Manufacturing Industrial

  • Structural
  • Construction


Input Power

  • Operates on open-circuit voltage and arc voltage 15 to 100 V

Wire Diameter Capacity

  • S-32S: .023 - 5/64 in (0.6 - 2.0mm)
  • S-32SL: 5/64 - 7/64 in (2.0 - 2.8mm)

Wire Speed

  • S-32S: 50-700 IPM (1.3 - 18 m/min)
  • S-32SL: 25 - 325 IPM (0.6 - 8.2 m/min)

Max Spool Size Capacity

  • 60 lb (27 kg) coil

Net Weight

  • 33 lb (15 kg)

Special Offers
S-32S Series wirefeeder

Product Information

Product Literature (PDF)

Operates on open-circuit voltage or arc voltage and can be used with most constant-voltage and constant-current DC-type welding power sources.

Handles high-end speed for small diameter wires, and low-end speed, with power for the more demanding larger diameter wires.

Voltage-sensing control circuit with CC/CV switch.

Operates on either straight or reverse polarity.

High-torque, 24 VDC, two-drive-roll system delivers consistent performance.

Solid-state speed control and brake circuit for exceptional control and service life.

Quick-change drive rolls and quick connect feature Miller guns - no tools required.

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