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SuitCase® RC

The SuitCase 8RC and 12RC offer a modular design, lightweight, and small size, with superior durability needed to stay in service, and keep up with production schedules.


Base Model
Starting at:

List Price (US$)


  • MIG (GMAW)
  • Flux Cored (FCAW)


Industrial Applications

  • Shipbuilding
  • Construction
  • Heavy Manufacturing
  • Rental Fleets


Input Power

  • 24 VAC, 7 A , (8RC)
  • 24 VAC, 10 A , (12RC)

Wire Diameter Capacity

  • Solid Wire: .023-5/64 in (0.6-2.0 mm)
  • Flux Cored: .030-5/64 in (0.8-2.0 mm)

Wire Speed

  • 75 - 700 IPM (1.9-17.8 m/min)

Max Spool Size Capacity

  • (8RC) 8 in (203 mm), 14 lb (6.4 kg)
  • (12RC) 12 in (305 mm), 44 lb (20 kg)

Net Weight

  • (8RC) 22 lb (9.9 kg)
  • (12RC) 25.5 lb (11.6 kg)

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Fast, easy and accurate system configuration-Build your own system customized for your customer's unique needs.

Special Offers

SuitCase 8 and 12 RC shown.
Models include Bernard® Q300 MIG gun with reversible dual size (.045, 1/16 in) VK drive rolls!

Build your own system using the
Equip To Weld
industrial system builder

Product Information

Product Literature (PDF)

SuitCase - The Industry's Most Durable Family of Feeders!  View action clips >>
Miller Industrial Wire Feeders Now Come With A Free Bernard Gun & Centerfire Consumables.

Improved! Updated front panels! Improved trigger strain relief!

Improved! The SuitCase 12RC door opens with feeder in upright position and has built-in-side rails.

Miller industrial Wire Feeders now include a FREE Bernard® Q-Gun or Dura-Flux™ gun and Centerfire Consumables

  • Q300 gun - 300-amp, 100% duty cycle, air-cooled, 15 ft cable.
  • Dura-Flux gun - 350-amp, 60% duty cycle, air-cooled, 15 ft cable. (12RC only.)
  • Superior arc performance and gas coverage, longer consumable life and an easy-to-change tip design improve productivity and reduce overall welding costs.
  • Free Gun Exchange Program ensures you have the right MIG gun for your application.

Totally enclosed, impact-resistant, flame-retardant case provides strength and durability, and protects components and welding wire from moisture, dust and other contaminants.

Ergonomically sound, lightweight, modular design is well balanced, and allows improved mobility and ease of carrying to remote welding sites and for serviceability.

Flexibility to run a variety of wires up to 5/64 in diameter.

Quick-change drive rolls are easy to change - no tools required.

Drive roll accessibility makes it easy to install wire, adjust tension and change drive rolls.

Carry handle folds up out of operators way, yet large enough for a gloved hand to carry.

Remote voltage control - standard.

Gas solenoid control - standard.

Thermal Overload Protection
Internal components are protected from damage by thermal overload protection which automatically shuts down the unit if duty cycle is exceeded or air flow and cooling are restricted.
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