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Marine Repair Company Relies on CST™ 280 Four-Arc Inverter Racks For a Powerful Welding Output in a Rugged, Compact Package


David Carr, Allied Marine & Industrial with Miller CST 280 inverter racks



David Carr, plate fabrication manager forAllied Marine & Industrial of Port Colborne, Ontario, explains that welding repair typically occurs during the cold, damp winter months when ships travel decreases on the Great Lakes.

Welding equipment has to be rugged, portable and deliver a premium quality arc. Carr, who has 36 years of marine industry experience, explains how the versatility of CST 280 Racks helps Allied Marine remain competitive and cost effective. He also notes that these compact inverters reduce primary power requirements while deliver more than enough power to weld thick plate with a 5/32-in. electrode.





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