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Buy American Made - Buy Miller

Did you get a check from Uncle Sam? If so, now might be the right time to purchase the welder or plasma cutter you've always wanted. And, while you'd be doing your part to stimulate the economy, you'd also be buying American Made!

Here's a list of High Quality, American Made Miller welding and cutting equipment that you should consider.

The Best First Welder

MIG welding is the easiest process to learn, making a Millermatic all-in-one wire welding package great for any beginner!! Consider the easy-to-operate Millermatic® 140 w/Auto-Set and Millermatic® 180 w/Auto-Set. Just set the wire size, set the material thickness and start welding—it’s that easy! Or consider the fully-loaded Millermatic® 212 w/Auto-Set.

Most Reliable
Give You Portability

The Bobcat™ 225 and Bobcat™ 250 are the most popular welder/ generators in the industry and are a good selection for most applications. Upgrade to the Trailblazer® 275 DC or Trailblazer® 302, the professional’s choice for unbeatable arc performance and using generator power while welding.


Step Up to TIG

Ready for the control and precision of TIG welding? If so, then consider these great Miller TIG products: the affordable Syncrowave® 200 AC/DC, TIG/Stick welder that’s the best in its class. For discerning TIG welders, nothing beats the control of advanced inverter technology and the Dynasty® 200. Economy minded? Then try the Econotig®, our most economical AC/DC TIG/Stick welding package for beginners.


Be on the “Cutting Edge”

Plasma Cutters slice through any metal like a hot knife through butter—plus they’re fun, and are easy to use! This is ideal for gearheads, metal artists and motorsports enthusiasts. Check out Miller’s Spectrum Plasma Cutters: Spectrum® 375, Spectrum® 375 X-TREME™.

Ready to shop? Find a Miller distributor near you!

To make your shopping easier, we can help you find a Miller welding distributor near you. Just provide your zip code and we will provide you a list of local Miller distributors for you to choose from.



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