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Extreme Welding at 7,600 Feet With Blue Star Welding Generator

For 11 months out of the year, John Tschopp, owner of the Beaverlodge Machineshop in Pemberton, British Columbia, caters to farmers, loggers and construction workers with his excellent fabrication abilities. One day a year, Tschopp earns the right to work for the provincial department of highways performing maintenance on the avalanche guns located on the mountaintops above the highways.

What Tschopp has coined "extreme welding" is actually just a pleasant break from his everyday jobs. "This sort of work is just like a raisin in the pie," Tschopp said. "It's just like a holiday for me, except I spend it hanging in a harness."

The extreme portability and durability of the Blue Star engine-driven welding generator enables maintenance work atop the coastal mountain range.

For this extreme welding, Tschopp relies on his Blue Star® engine-driven welding generator, which enables him to perform maintenance work atop the Coastal mountain range. The Blue Star provides 4500 watts of 120/240 V power and 145 amps of weld power. The unit's 256 lb. frame provides maneuverability, which is necessary considering how he reaches the summits: by helicopter. Tschopp's fabricating processes consist primarily of Stick welding to repair cracks in the guns using a one-eighth-inch rod on galvanized steel.

"Miller machines have all the things I look for when buying and using a tool: reliability, affordability and a support network," Tschopp said. "I like the fact that the Blue Star is light enough to put into my pickup truck. Above all it is affordable."

The Blue Star's ability to weld and provide generator power is essential to Tschopp's business. Whether he's line boring in the middle of a field, welding at 7,600 feet or powering the essentials in his house after a power outage, Tschopp finds solace in his blue machine.

"My Blue Star has been to the top of those mountains a number of times and starts with one pull of the cord every time," Tschopp said.

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