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Off-Road Warriors: Camburg Engineering Does it All


In this picture, co-owner Jason Campbell completes the welds on a rear suspension pivot box using the Dynasty® 350 TIG welder. Check out the how to video within the article to see the welder in action.

Jerry Zaiden and Jason Campbell started Camburg Engineering in 1997 after years of experience in the off-road racing and manufacturing industries.


The two friends began tinkering around in a home garage, making metal products and suspensions for their own trucks with a goal to offer products and services available only to elite off-road racing teams. Their small “hobby shop” continued out of that space until things got a little busy. People began to take notice, and a city employee eventually came by to say “You can’t do this here.” 


So the two men secured a six-month lease on an industrial building, and the rest is history. With Campbell’s engineering and off-road background and Zaiden’s entrepreneurial spirit and surfboard shaping/welding hobbies, they set out to design and manufacture suspension components in a production manner, enabling them to open up a new market and customer base.


Today, Huntington Beach, California-based Camburg Engineering is a leader in off-road suspension systems and at the forefront in technology and design. Their over-the-counter parts are constantly race-tested and have won numerous championships.


Ultimately, the company’s ability to design, build, race and win using their in-house components sets Camburg Engineering apart from the rest as they establish the trends rather than follow the crowd.


Built for precision and quality

The shop specializes in manufacturing basic, mid-travel and full-blown long-travel suspension systems for staple vehicles in the off-road market: Ford F-150s and Rangers, Toyota Tacomas and Tundras and Chevrolet Silverados. Products in the lineup include everything from bolt-on coil-covers, upper A-arms to full Long Travel systems. The shop also fabricates a full line of race parts such as their custom 9” rear end housings to their unlimited trucks.


Slow but steady growth year after year and an expansion of capabilities have increased the shop’s global presence to include work on Toyota Land Cruisers, HiLuxes and Prados vehicles for the US military. In addition, Camburg suspension systems are being incorporated into racing vehicles across the globe in China, South America, Africa, Australia and the Middle East. 

With a shop of over 10,000 square feet, Camburg Engineering is one of few off-road companies with the manufacturing capabilities to produce their own suspension components in-house as well as build their KINETIK race trucks from the ground up.


Using the latest manufacturing technologies in CAD design, CNC machining, MIG and TIG welding, CNC laser cutting, and tube notching and bending, Camburg brings new manufacturing and product concepts into the market and yields products built to the highest standards, all while keeping production costs as low as possible.


For all of their welding needs, Camburg relies on Miller to get the job done.


Welds that look good — and perform

“Our welds have to be perfect. Not only from the structural side, but from the aesthetic side, because that’s what really sets us apart from our competition,” says Zaiden.


The shop’s team of fabricators use seven Millermatic® 212 Auto-Set™ MIG welders on a daily basis.


“It’s really a high-end-garage, smaller-shop machine — and we’re using them for full-on production because they can handle it,” says Zaiden. “They are so smooth and the weld consistency is just phenomenal. We could have any machine we want, and we choose the 212. It’s just such a robust machine.”


For building the KINETIK race trucks, Camburg completes the welds using a Miller Dynasty® 350 TIG welder. Zaiden claims the control and ability to fine-tune every little detail has helped them create the proper weld consistency and puddles on any material, from stainless to aluminum.


Watch these how-to videos to see the Miller welders in action:

MIG Welding Lower Control Arm Assembly for '96-'04 Toyota Tocomas, '00-'05 Toyota Tundras


TIG Welding Rear Suspension Pivot Box for Camburg Kinetik Series Trophy Truck

Truly race-proven

Camburg Engineering not only produces suspension components, but races on them as well.


While Zaiden and Campbell began racing the local desert scene in 1998 in a 1600 buggy, Camburg is now running their newly designed KINETIK trophy truck and has an impressive podium list to show for it, including Vegas to Reno, Parker, two-day Parker, the Parker 425 and Silver State. Camburg has also raced the SCORE Baja 1000 and 500.


“No computer program can simulate the wear and tear and abuse of off-roading, and there’s no better place to test our product than in the real racing world, because you’re competing,” says Zaiden. “When you’re competing, your adrenaline’s going and you’re really beating up the suspension. If we know it could handle the Vegas to Reno or the Mint 400, we know it’s going to handle the trail.”


When asked what he loves most about the off-road industry, Zaiden had this to say:


“Being from California, well, we’re by the beach and going to the desert is about two hours away. So it’s kind of the yin and the yang to us. Off-road’s really like the Wild West, where you get to go out there, get in your vehicles, speed and get away with whatever you want to get away with. Where when you’re in the city, you can’t speed, you can’t drive cars fast. In the dirt, you’re always sideways, you’re jumping. It’s just fun. You have to do it. People who do it understand and if you haven’t, well then, you’ve got to try it.”


For more information about Camburg Engineering, visit or check the company out on Facebook or Instagram at @camburgracing.

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