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Genuine Parts

"We've had customers who bought an aftermarket [part] that wasn't quite the same," says Buddy Branon, purchasing manager, Conroe Welding Supply. "They didn't get as good a weld or they were having other problems. They went back to the genuine part."

Replacement Parts

Nothing performs as well as the original, which is why you should insist on nothing less than Miller Genuine Parts. They're the same parts and consumables used in the original product, so you can be sure that your equipment stays in top shape. And when you need parts fast, the Signature Service program from Miller guarantees to ship all in-stock items within 24 hours to your service distributor. All warranty parts, if available, are shipped the same day the order is received.

Contact your local Miller distributor for all the information you need to solve your parts problems. Your distributor will ask you for the Serial Number, which can be found on a sticker typically located on the back of the machine. This number is important for identifying the proper replacement parts.